Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Grindr Survivr Podcast is Now Out

Hey guys,

I've created a podcast to follow on from my book Grindr Survivr: How to Find Happiness in the Age of Hookup Apps.

I felt it wasn't just enough to just whine and complain about the state of gay dating and how difficult it is to find substance in a relationship these days.  I wanted to have powerful conversations to start help people get clear on what they really want.  I want people to either powerfully choose to be single or to get clear on what stops them from committing.

Also, due to apps, I fear that the gay community is losing the "community" element.  Years ago, groups of guys (from different ages, races and backgrounds) would congregate in bars and clubs - and shockingly, they'd talk to each other and hang out as mates - even if they didn't fancy each other.  With the rise of apps, a big element of community has disappeared, or at least it's harder to find.  So I am going to make positive podcasts, highlighting the efforts of those queer/gay men who are trying to promote healthy community groups that empower gay guys.

Right now, it's only on YouTube, but I hope to have it on most other major podcast services within the next 7-10 days.  Please have a listen and give it a like and subscribe if you can!
Thank you so much!

And to quote Rupaul... "Now on iTunes."

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